Preseason Prices

2021 Preseason Prices: Area for your Caravan

monthper nightper weekper month
April25, 50 Euro155,00 Euro495,00 Euro
Mai25,50 Euro155,00 Euro495,00 Euro
Juni25,50 Euro155,00 Euro495,00 Euro
September25,50 Euro155,00 Euro495,00 Euro
October25,50 Euro155,00 Euro495,00 Euro


Rent for one year:
For the period from 1 April to 31 October: 1,998,00 Euro – Your Caravan/Chalet will stay on the Camping Facility the whole year.

Rent for one season:
For the period 1 May to 30 September 1,645.00 Euro – Your Caravan/Chalet has to be removed from the Camping Facility at the end of the season.

These prices include all fees for 2 Persons, your Caravan, and your car. Children are free of charge until the age of 15.

The use of electricity is charged with 0.35 euros per KWh. An electricity meter is available for each parking space.